scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

my day so far

My day has been so-so. Nothing bad, but nothing that really stands out. Work was fairly quiet up until the last hour of my shift, which was unusual compared to the mayhem it's been this week. School holidays - I'm so glad I'm not in school anymore. I went shopping a little after my shift there, and brought a new top to wear clubbing. It was only $10, so I didn't feel bad for buying it at all. Now, I might write a letter to a penpal, and then tonight I have a rehearsal for "Waltzes in Vienna". I'm so tired. It's going to be too hard to get up early for work tomorrow morning, especially as rehearsals keep going later and later. Oh well. But right now, I'm dying for a cup of hot tea, so I'm leaving this now.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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