scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Tonight, I finished work at 6:00pm, meaning I closed the register down at 5:30pm (when the shop closed) so I had half an hour to count everything up. Well tonight, there was this really annoying customer in the bikes section, who didn't seem to realise that we were closed, and remained in the shop for an extra 20 minutes. We didn't want to ask him to leave because it looked like he was going to buy something - I mean, if he'd made a $1000 purchase, it would have been worth the extra wait. Well, he didn't buy anything, so I went upstairs, 20 minutes late, cursing the customer under my breath. Hey, I was tired, hungry, and the jerk didn't even buy anything, making me late for leaving.

As it turned out...this annoying customer was a blessing in disguise. Because on my way home, one street away from where I live, there was a 6-car pile up. It looked like it had happened maybe 15 minutes before I drove past, the traffic was banked up fo ages because the road had been blocked to one lane.

I get the feeling that if this customer hadn't taken so long making up his mind about whether he actually waned to buy anything or not, I could have been in the pile-up. It happened right in the lane I always drive in, just at the time I probably would have been driving past.

It's scary when you think about it like that...


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