scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

countdown -

livejournal is being an evil wench.

on another note, all my cartons have arrived, i booked the removalist, and the guy came around to look at my furniture and will give me a price he'll buy it for by tomorrow. russ is just as excited about this road trip as i am [6 days!], and i'm having pork spare ribs for lunch... just because i can :D however, i have way too much crap to take back with me, and i'm wondering what i can get away with either leaving here, or throwing out. how did i become such a packrat... especially after only being here for 8 months? hrmph. i'm torn between thinking that i can be comfortably ready by monday night (the removalists are coming by tuesday, as is the guy who's buying my furniture), and stressing out that i'll never get things done. oh, the joys of moving!

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