scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

job interview tomorrow[!!]

keep me in your thoughts tomorrow?
(or thursday night, for those on the northern hemisphere?)

i have a job interview tomorrow for a job that i really, really want.
it's perfect, actually. receptionist position and also to train in nutrition, dietry and weight loss.
eeee. nutrition is something i'm very, very much interested in.
it was actually one of the uni courses i was considering studying for awhile.
and now, a chance to train in it? whilst getting paid?

oh, it's too perfect, i'm so scared to get my hopes up too soon... but an interview is a good first step.
it means they took note of my resume, despite my lack of experience.
and the recruitment agent i spoke to on the phone this afternoon didn't think that would be a problem; that i would be able to learn the system quite easily.
now, first impressions, in person. oh god, please let me make a good one.
please let them see how much i want this job.

*crosses fingers*
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