scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


le sigh.
i thought my interview went well today - the recruitment agent was really enthusiastic, said she was sending 3 girls along to be interviewed on monday by the woman in charge of this place, and thought that i had a really good chance at being the one to get the job.
she said she would forward on my resume and call me as soon as she heard anything from her.
it's 5:45pm, and she hasn't rung me.
so i take it to mean that i didn't get another interview... let alone the job.

so it's back to more job hunting again.
sigh. how do you find the energy to keep going?
i don't know how many rejections i'm gonna be able to cope with. i've never been good with that, but here we are, back to the start again.
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