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19 April 2001 @ 07:27 pm
wasting time and thinking about people...  
Watching Home and Away is kinda nauseating. Like all these 15 and 16 year olds saying how much in love they are and blahblahblah. Whatever. I'm not saying that 15 and 16 year olds can't be in love, but this show is just stupid. Still, I watch it, so maybe it's not the show that's stupid.

My essay is going well. Only a couple more hundred words to do, which includes just 1 little subsection of writing, and the conclusion, and finishing off the introduction. Shouldn't be too bad at all, and i'm quite looking forward to getting this done.

3 more days until I see everyone from the play again. I'm still so excited, in case you couldn't tell! I can't get some things out of my mind. Like Stewart's sweetness, Michael's smile. Stewart wrote me a text message saying that he was more excited about becoming friends with us all, than the actual play, and I have to agree with him. And I'm the director!! Hmm, better not let that one get around the group ;)

I have to work tomorrow morning, and I know it's going to be busy... I'm not looking forward to it. But at least I'll be finished by 2pm, that's something to look forward. I hate working the 1 - 6pm shift, because it feels like my whole day is wasted. At least by working in the morning, I have the whole afternoon free.

I think I'm babbling in an attempt to procrastinate a bit more.