scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

its not that i don't care.

it's not that i don't care, because i do; but i just need a break from talking about this war. i'm sick of all the arguments that are popping up about it; i'm sick of how no-one seems to be able to tolerate anyone else's opinion. and right now, not talking about it doesn't mean i don't care or that i don't have an opinion, because i do; i just don't feel the need to discuss it with every person within listening range. that is all.

i spent the day with sarah [sparkleoflife] yesterday: shopping, milkshakes, and then a mexican dinner with our other friends, griff and kristy. it had been awhile since the 4 of us had done anything like that together - at least a year most likely - so it was nice. sometimes when nothing else makes sense, all you need is some time with your friends to remind you of whats important, what you need to hold onto.

and the irony of the week came in the form of an email inviting me to come to an assessment interview with a flight company Virgin Blue, which i applied for last weekend; they're currently hiring recruits (ground crew) for... Brisbane. oh, it would be a great, fun job; but i'm not in the least bit sorry i moved back. not at all.

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