scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

boring update

so, i'm back on my jobhunting roll.

last week was a slow week, jobhunting wise, applying for only 5 jobs right at the beginning. i've applied for 6 more today, and i don't think that's too bad. promises to myself to be more motivated this week, and i guess it's not going too badly so far. still, early times.

i watched the academy awards last night, and came to the conclusion that i was glad they weren't postponed. originally i really didn't care; but there's something about losing yourself in the glitz and glamour of hollywood that can bring a smile to your face. perhaps i'm just constantly living in a dreamworld, and hollywood just feeds on that; but it's certainly a fantasy world that i'd like to escape into.

i can't believe i still haven't seen chicago yet. i've seen it twice on stage, but perhaps this is a movie i'll need to go to by myself if i want to see it while it's stil playing at the theatres (unless sparkleoflife - have you seen it yet?) i agreed with what michael moore said in his speech, although i don't necessarily agree with him saying it on stage. there is a time and place for everything.

tonight: movies with marianne and haylea. good stuff.

[&oh yeah: this thread is ridiculous, but i'm still reading it wondering if i'll catch my own name there ;) haha]
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