scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

i got a second interview!

i got a second interview for the job at Zurich!!!!!!

okay. still trying not to get hopes up too high. but my interview this morning went well, considering i really did make up most of my answers out of nowhere. i think i babbled a bit because i was nervous. but the lady, who was ringing me from sydney, was so nice. she was trying to arrange for my second interview to be today, here at the adelaide office, but the manager couldn't see me then, so its monday, 10am. i think it's a really good sign that she was trying to get in for another interview as soon as possible, right? she also asked me (after asking when i was available for said second interview) when i would be available to start work, which leads me to believe that this interview will be the last step, if i'm successful. of course, that's a big if. i'm not going to hold my breath (well... much) because i don't want to be bitterly disappointed at the end; but i am hopeful. she rang me back half an hour after my first interview. that's a good sign, right? although i think now it's out of her hands - it will be up to the adelaide manager now to make the final decision, i'm sure.

oh well. this is a good start. and even if i don't get this job, she asked me a lot of good interview questions that will surely pop up in other interviews (such as giving her examples about customer service, working as a team, situations where i felt challenged, etc etc)... i didn't know what to expect in this one, but at least now i can plan my answers more carefully, now that i know what they're asking. so there's always good things to come out even if the end result isn't what you want, right? i'm trying to remain positive, regardless.

but. i get a second interview :D
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