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eep. i hope i didn't sound like an elitest bitch in that last entry. it's not that i expect people to even care about me or this journal; but if i'm going to cut back, i want my list to be people that i can become friends with, people who are interested in becoming friends with me. it's not about comments; it's about making sure i don't bore you to death and you're just too nice to get rid of me. lol.

so, trying to make the most of my 2 days off before i start work. it's a strange concept again; after all, i haven't worked for nearly 3 months now. i'm finally burning those cds for certain people right now - i just need to make covers to go with them. i think i'll go and hire some dvds soon, and then write letters that i owe while watching them. tonight, sparkleoflife and i are off to [finally!] see chicago, and tomorrow i need to go to the bank, and finish off whatever i don't get done today. last night i stayed at russ's place, and cried because his dog had died that day. ahh, she was old, onto a better place now, right? yesterday i received samples in the mail from Clarins, of some of their skincare range, and i had forgotten i'd even contacted them asking for information. hooray for free stuff! i'm a sample whore lately, and kristy just laughs at me, for all this started when she was in queensland with me and we were trying to see what we could get for free from department store counters.

i really have nothing of importance to say. carry on :)

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