scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

all that jazz

sparkleoflife and i saw chicago last night, and i loved it. i can't believe it took me 2 months to finally see it; although i admit that after seeing 2 different stage versions, i was hesitant about how it would translate to film. but i thought it was wonderful. the dancing in "cell block tango" was especially wonderful, i loved that whole scene. it gave me chills. that, and the "all that jazz" sequence. le sigh. i <3 musicals, and film just added a whole new dimension to it. we met up with kristy afterwards for a drink, since she'd already seen the movie.

so today is the day for organising everything that needs to be done before i start work tomorrow - which hopefully will, by the end of it, be a guaranteed full-time job starting the next day. i'm feeling positive about tomorrow, but it will be reassuring when it's all definite, and not just speculation and possibilities. so far today i've organised the things i need to send to snowcanwait and foreverhers, and shortly i'll go and mail them, go to the library and pick up awaiting books (lucky by alice sebold and wasted), see if the new cosmo is out (although i told russ i was giving up on those; but old habits die hard, right?); come home, finish letters to likeyesterday and monielove, load all the photos from my digital camera onto the computer because it needs to be taken back and exchanged for a new one, finish moving stuff from dad's computer to mine. also must remember to email marianne and sheryn. i think that's all i really need to finish up today anyway. oh, excitement follows. either tonight or tomorrow night i'll do my actual friends list cleanout, since i won't have time to keep up with so many journals once i'm working. (i'm sorry, it sounds so heartless)

on another note, i spent the last month trying to talk russ into seeing chicago with me, with him refusing (i suppose musicals can't be everyone's forte...heheh)... but when he heard i was going last night with sarah, he responded with a "and i'm not invited?" argh!!! bloody men ;)
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