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i finally got around to updating the main picture of my livejournal - i just re-edited the writing on it, since i wanted to still keep the main image. i also uploaded a couple of new icons, that __amberwaves made, so i hope she doesn't mind (i did ask awhile ago, but it took me this long to put them up!)

i borrowed a bunch of dvds to watch today, nothing of particular interest, just mindless entertainment. sailor moon, alice in wonderland, and britney's movie crossroads. haha. i'm a teenybopper at heart, but there's nothing wrong with that. i also got the new cosmo magazine at a bargain price because they'd stickered it wrong at the newsagency. good stuff. i'm spending the afternoon writing letters, and just being glad to be indoors. damn overcast weather. i plan to be more productive the rest of the week, really; but tv, junk food and colourful stationery that's just asking to be written on are good comforts on a day like today.

this time next week, i'll just be finishing my first day of my new job. "no, you have a full-time career!" russ pipes up; but it's just odd to think that i'm joining the masses in having a 9am-5pm, monday-friday job now. i always worked weekends and thursday nights at rebel; and even the nutrition clinic would have been some evening work and every other saturday morning. i used to think it would be incredibly boring to have such a regular job, but in all honesty, that routine comforts me right now. i like knowing when i work, when i don't work, and blending in with the majority. when the dj's on the radio say, "it's 45 minutes till home time" at 4:15pm, i can smile because for once, that will apply to me too. silly things, i know, but if it's one thing i've been depending upon more and more since i got back from queensland, it's stability. and that's not such a bad thing after all.

...on another note, happy birthday sparkleoflife!!!
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