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09 April 2003 @ 08:30 pm
hello, i am a beauty product sample whore  
i spent today shopping; well, mostly window shopping anyway. i went out to tea tree plaza to visit an ex-manager who gave me an excellent reference (which ultimately secured my new job), only to discover that he's not actually at tea tree plaza. probably tea tree gully instead [just checked: tea tree plus. wtf?!]. grrr. nevermind. however, i got so many free samples of different beauty products from myers while i was out - estee lauder, clinique, biotherm, and lancome, and free products always make it worth it. especially when they come in cute, colourful little tubes and containers. packaging really does make all the difference, even when it's free. i need to stop being such a scab; but the bad thing is, these samples actually do make me want to buy some of the products because they're so nice. even though they are expensive. but at the rate i'm going with collecting samples, i'm never going to have to buy skincare products ever again; however, that's probably something i shouldn't admit to too many people. ha.

tomorrow: call centrelink, go to noarlunga to lodge centrelink form and pick up library cd, go to glenelg and visit marcus at flight centre (plus get information about possible future ski trip), go to work to sign paperwork, go to marion and finish shopping because i didn't want to drag everything home on the bus tonight. oh, excitement, excitement.

i need a hug. preferably from a snugglebug. sigh.
The most fantastic of all muppets in the landfantasticmuppet on April 9th, 2003 04:12 am (UTC)
haha. tea tree craziness.

which brings me to my absolute love of tea tree oil. chris is so tired of hearing about how great it is. i'll wash my face and then swab on some tea tree oil with a cotton ball and i'll say "can you believe that? look at the dirt that's left after you wash your face!! you should try it!" and he just stares at me. he hears it every time he's here. poor guy.

i loooove beauty samples.

and i love YOU! :)
    scarlet's walkkisstheviolets on April 9th, 2003 04:28 am (UTC)
hehe, yeah! russ can never understand it either. he goes, "my face stopped breaking out when i STOPPED using those products... what are you doing?!" but how can i explain to him the joys of it all, really? i have these samples from a magazine that are for men, but i don't think he'd use them, lol ;) sigh, they don't know what they are missing out on!
and i love you right back!
   ++   Sparkle Of Life   ++sparkleoflife on April 10th, 2003 05:19 am (UTC)
*laughs* Tea Tree Plus is at Tea Tree Plaza =) ... well sort of ... it's just across the other side of the car park =)
    scarlet's walkkisstheviolets on April 10th, 2003 05:29 am (UTC)
hehe... yeah, that's what Brooke told me today as well. she's like, "isn't Tea Tree Plus that little offset of the Plaza?" damn!
black magic & your $2lovenamami on April 11th, 2003 03:35 am (UTC)
i pine for quality cosmetics.
oh, indeed.
    scarlet's walkkisstheviolets on April 11th, 2003 04:27 am (UTC)
i know. sigh :)
just a taste of wealth and elegance, lol.
or perhaps not ;)