scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

"noises off"

i want to go to melbourne to see Noises Off in june. it's the professional [i think? it has marina prior in it anyway, so it must be decent] version of a play i directed 2 years ago - probably my biggest achievement, really. it's written by michael frayn, and i absolutely love this play, even after spending months directing it and all the stress that went along with it. it was a play i never got sick of, even when we were living and breathing it in the last few weeks before production. seeing the professional version on stage would be amazing.

*is going to try and talk russ into coming on another road trip for a weekend in june* i don't like my chances though, but you never know... after all, we're not going to get to the snow until 2004 now...

oh, i really want to see this.

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