scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

busy day

had a full-on day today. went down to centrelink to lodge my form and announce that i have a full-time job (hooray, i was only on the dole for 2 payments! i wanted to go up to the original guy who interviewed me and made me feel like shit, and tell him to watch it next time he wanted to make someone feel worthless when he didn't even know them; but that would have been counter-productive. after all, he did approve me and let me get money; never a good idea to argue with the people in power!) only to find that i couldn't get my payment for the last fortnight because i hadn't been looking for work. never mind i had job possibilities right from the beginning of the fortnight; the girl at the counter said that if i wanted to get my money, i should just apply for jobs i wasn't likely to get. hello, my name is centrelink and i promote wasting employers time just to get my benefit money. no thanks. that's not right, and that's how people rought the system; and excuse me for getting up on my soapbox, and for basically throwing away money, but it just doesn't seem right to go away, send off fake applications just to get money that i don't really need. but the good news is that i'm now off the dole :D oh thank goodness.

went to my new work to get some paperwork to fill in about my bank details etc, and was greeted by the receptionship with a cheery, "hi jade! we're all excited to have you start here!" hello, nervousness. the realisation that everyone is anticipating my arrival there both scares me and touches me. i'm scared they have such high expectations of me. i'm scared i won't be able to live up to them. after all, i have no experience in this type of thing. what made them think i could do the job best out of all the other people they interviewed? yet, strangely enough, i think i'm going to enjoy working there. 3 more days.

next it was off to flight centre to have a chat with an old [favourite] co-worker, and get information about snow-trips and flights to melbourne. i want a holiday... oh wait, i just got back from one. oops. maybe this weekend in june will work out; marianne mentioned she was also going to melbourne in june for a weekend, but alas, it's a different weekend. that could have been fun. following this, i went to marion, spent too long at rebel [former work] talking to everyone, had a drink with marianne when she finished work, got more beauty product samples (more from lancome and estee lauder), changed the watch band on the watch russ gave me for christmas as it was too big and had everyone in the jewellry shop exclaim over how small my wrist was, brought sparkleoflife's baby shower present and easter eggs for the family, and ate disappointing chinese food for dinner.

came home, got the third degree from mum (grrr), rang russ and woke him up, and now i'm anti-social and not in the mood to talk to anyone really. i really think it's time for sleep. hooray.

on another note, i've come to the conclusion that i need to stop trying to scam samples from cosmetics sales people, but damn it's fun ;)

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