scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

first day @ zurich

well. i think i love my new job :D

i have my own desk/workstation! and computer, phone, email address, a zurich pen & coffee mug... even my own phone number! :D so i'm feeling very professional in my new position; plus the atmosphere of the workplace is generally relaxed and friendly, which makes it easy to work in. this is a big jump from being just another ordinary regie chick, and my dad said to me tonight, "welcome to the business world!". if this is the business world, then i think i might like to stay. it's only early days, but first impressions do mean a lot, and getting off to a good start always helps.

i spent the morning just reading stuff on the computer, human resources and the like. it got a little boring after lunch, so then my supervisor showed me how to log into the claims databases i'll be using, and then i spent the rest of the afternoon out in reception, learning how to use the switchboard and do the mail, because as of thursday until the end of the month, i'll be the receptionship while the other woman is on holidays. i was much happier once i was doing stuff and not just sitting there reading, as interesting as it was. i spent a lot of the morning wondering what i could bring in to add life to my desk (like photos, mementos, etc), ha.

the only downfall is that almost everyone there is a fair bit older than i... most of them are married, have kids, etc; they're friendly and kind, but i still feel so young. guess this can be a good thing though. sometimes i worry that at 22, i'm already too old. hello, reality check. besides, i still haven't met everyone in the office. 21 of us in all, i think. or maybe it's 20; i forget.

so, my first day went well; and i really think i'm going to like this job. so much to learn, so many new things to take in; but i like it that way. yes, i think i made the right decision in choosing this job.

ps: thankyou sparkleoflife and snowcanwait for the goodluck text messages! i received them at lunch today, and completely made me smile :)
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