scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

work blah

so today was one of those days where i decided i hate people. oh yes, and there is nothing like having people shitty at you for something that's beyond your control. sorry, but you know what time the mail gets collected, if your shit isn't together by then and the mail guy refuses to be distracted for more than 5 minutes, there's really nothing more i can do about it. blah.

also, why is it that the phone can be absolutely silent for 15 minutes, then as soon as 1 call comes through, 3 more also come through, each one with someone on the other end who can't make up their mind who they want to talk to, or why they've even called. i swear, people are morons sometimes.

the good news is that i got a free lunch today because we had a presentation/ meeting at lunchtime. the other good news is that hey, at least i'm not on a register anymore. i suppose the number of annoying people i have to deal with in a day now is considerably lower than the number of annoying people i used to have to deal with in an hour. small things; i always seem to forget the positive though.

one more day until another 3 day weekend. god i hope next week gets better though.

kristy rang me, and she's my hero because she made me smile tonight. i'm going to miss that girl when she goes off to america next month. it feels like forever since i last saw her, but this weekend, at sparkleoflife's baby shower i'll get to see both the girls. hurrah.

here's to hoping that tomorrow is a better day. i don't like being negative about work, but today really was just one of those days. le sigh.

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