scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

watching other people's lives versus living your own life

my friends invited me out for dinner tonight; and i actually considered declining because Big Brother 3 begins tonight. silly thoughts. what else are video recorders for? oh, but reality shows become addicting. still, i don't think i'll get into it like i did last year. i won't have the time, really; and that's probably a good thing.

still, i remember how last year i completely got into it, but then didn't even watch the final 2 shows, because i was packing for queensland and russell & i were in the process of getting together. hey, at leasy my priorities aren't completely screwed up, even if i did hesitate for a few seconds before agreeing to dinner tonight.

last night was sparkleoflife's baby shower, and i finally got to see her & kristy again, as well as our other school friend griff. we started talking about other people we went to school with (6 years ago now!), and it made me miss certain people a little. but they're all just memories now, and it's funny how you can move on in that time, yet still feel like you're standing in the same place.

this week looks to be busy. dinner tonight with the rebel girls, movies tuesday night with the same group, dinner thursday night with an old uni friend i haven't seen since this time last year, farewell dinner friday night for an old coworker at rebel. plus i finally start training for the real part of my job this week, so that will be interesting. then we'll be able to tell if i like my job or not.

so if i'm not around much this week, you'll know why.

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