scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

so... i'm trying to catch up on a week's worth of friends entries :\

in other news, i got my first paycheck on thursday, and oh boy, am i excited. naturally this meant a shopping trip today, in which i spent much, but really not all, of said paycheck. it's all good. i brought some new pants, and perfume, got photos developed, and brought some things for work. nothing too extravagent, i suppose, except for the perfume. i couldn't resist the ones that gave gifts with the purchase, so i picked calvin klein eternity purple orchard and lolita lempicka fragances. mmm, heavenly scents. but i am saving. i really want to save hard now that i have a proper job, and there's something sort of satisfying about it. even if it does take self restraint. i saw the most gorgeous stationery in the newsagencies today, and anyone who knows me will know that i'm a huge stationery fan. i have way too much already; but i'm proud to say i didn't buy any, as much as i was tempted to. damn cute stuff :P

i finally started learning some of the actual claims support stuff at work this week. i'm really enjoying it so far, although i'm eager, eager, eager to learn more. if i didn't have to get up so damn early (well... 6:15am, it's early for me), this would be the perfect job. i have photos now to decorate my desk with, and other ideas to personalise my work station just that little bit more, and surprisingly, i'm finding a tremendous interest in the business world of insurance. i never believed i would enjoy this so much; if you had said to me a year ago that i'd be working as a support officer in an insurance company and actually wanting those career advancements, i would have fallen over laughing. corporate world, here i am. i suppose stranger things have happened, but this is a far cry to where i wanted to be last year, or the year before. still, early days; but i'm damn glad i made that decision to work for Zurich, and not for the nutrition clinic after all.

and speaking of food, as a random note, last night whilst out for dinner with friends, i had THE most delicious meal i have probably ever had in my life. some sort of pasta called linguini... something which had prawns, some sort of dressing, chilli, and honey among other things, but by god, was it incredible. so good, that it warranted a paragraph in my journal today ;) honestly, i'm going to need to go back to cafe lido sometime soon, because it was so amazing. i wonder if they do takeaway?

going to russell's tonight, and (if i remember), taking freshly developed photos over to scan. so maybe tomorrow, i'll have pictures to show.

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