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05 May 2003 @ 07:44 pm
too tired to think  
damnit, still tired. i'd probably be in a decent mood if i wasn't so exhausted, but right now, my mind feels like it's immersed in fog. i'm transferring some of my newer files to my dad's computer that have been added since i last backed up my computer; i'm so paranoid about losing everything since dad warned me that my computer might be on the verge of crashing, but at least after tonight, everything of more or less importance should be saved. i'll burn it all onto a cd sometime as well, but right now, i'm too tired to try and figure out the cd burner.

okay, back up completed. i was going to burn a new music cd to listen to tomorrow on the way to work, but again... too tired. argh. why am i so tired?? so annoying.

so. i got some information tonight about some dance classes, and i could potentially be starting ballet tomorrow night. if i wasn't so tired right now, i'd embrace this idea quite enthusiastically - it's at a place in the city, which means i can go from work, and at a good time as well; but it means i need to organise everything tonight for the class, and i'm just too tired to think of that right now. argh. but i do want to start dance classes again. i think i'll make myself get organised tonight; i'll feel bad if i don't go, i suppose. then again, maybe i'll wait until next week when i get my head together a bit more. oh, i don't know.

i hate being so tired and not being able to think straight!!!! WAKE UP!! grrrr. life is much nicer when you're awake to appreciate it :P
delicatewings on May 5th, 2003 03:53 am (UTC)
guess who's back up again!? argh. damn my sleeping habits. heh. just wanted to say hope you're ready for some ballet tomorrow. i know you'll have lots of fun. :)

Nicky: centerstageolliekitty on May 5th, 2003 11:44 am (UTC)
I have been thinking about sme dance as well- I miss it soo much!