scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

sleeping and working.

tomorrow i can finally sleep in, and i'm so excited about that. 3 day weekend, and even though i really love my job (as busy as it's starting to get), the early mornings are wrecking me. still, i'm normally okay once i get there. i love having my own desk, drinking as much tea as i need to energise me, having wonderful people to work with. marita calls me bella, and i love it. catherine sits at the workstation next to mine, and she's lovely, with a little habit of talking to herself (well, thinking out aloud) quite often which is amusing. we have regular lunch meetings at work, morning tea more often than i could have thought, and we had a wine tasting session on wednesday. i'm learning more every day there, and i just want to keep on learning. i never thought i'd feel that way about insurance, but it's more than that; it's an opportunity. some of my friends have been looking for work for months, and i feel so incredibly lucky to land such a good job so easily. i fell on my feet with that one, that's for sure; and i'm not going to let go in a hurry. i really, really like it there.

i met miriam for lunch on thursday, and hopefully we'll try to do that more often. working 5 minutes away from a street filled with cafes and shops certainly is another bonus. apart from that, it feels like i haven't seen any of my other friends for some time, but maybe this weekend. i spent last night & the night before with russell; we were playing this board game with his family last night, and i beat them all. heh. oops. it was all about power and corruption, so i'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not ;) waking up next to him really is the best thing. no -- i digress. falling asleep next to him is the best thing, because waking up means it's coming to an end. he's back to 5am starts at work again now, so goodness knows when i'll get to hug him again.

but. at least i can sleep in tomorrow morning :P

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