scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

so much to write, yet so little time right now. i blew off going to the movies with marianne & the other rebel girls, simply because the movie didn't start until 8pm, and what i really need right now, is sleep before waking up at 6am tomorrow. here's to constantly complaining about being tired - but honestly, bed is my next stop after writing this entry. i'll save the longer entries till the weekend, i suppose. russell and i watched "8 mile" last night, and i have thoughts about certain things triggered by the movie, but it can wait.

as for a quick update: work's relatively unexciting at the moment, and that makes a nice change from the craziness of last week. being able to see the bottom of my in-trays is a nice feeling, especially when you've forgotten what the bottom even looks like. there's 18 days until Harry Potter #5 is released, and you'd better believe i'm counting down... probably like half the people on my friends list ;) for the first time possibly all year, russell's not working the morning shift every day of this next long weekend, and i'm truly hanging out to just sleep in. i suppose things are getting better, you know? i never seem to know from one day to the next. but. at least there's Harry Potter to look forward to :P

right now, to bed. hurrah.

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