scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

always the same old story

i'm so tired right now i could collapse. i'm only up because i'm waiting for dinner (and it's chinese, or else i wouldn't even bother), but as soon as i've eaten, it's back to bed again. or at least lying down and watching tv. sometimes you get tired, but you can keep pushing yourself to get past it (like first thing in the morning, or late afternoon), and then you're alright; but lately, my tiredness has been insane. tiredness that makes me want to curl up crying at work, just collapse and not move. but i'll get my blood test results tomorrow night. i might leave work early to get them. i think it might just be low iron or something, because i haven't felt sick, and that's a good thing. it'll be nice to start feeling alive again, and you can't when yr sleeping 12 hours a night or else suffering from what feels like sleep deprivation.

i need something new to write about. it's always the same old story, always repeating itself. but maybe by tomorrow we'll be on the way up again. at least to being awake.

... it's really sad when the people i work with, who are my parents age, have more of a life than i do right now. i'm letting my age down... heh.

&sparkleoflife, i'm thinking of you darling, and hope that you & hayden will be alright. i'm sorry i didn't get to visit you today like i was going to, but i was too tired to try and be sociable :( i love you and i'm thinking of you xxx

sleep... SLEEP!!! god damnit. i hate being constantly tired like this :(

/end complaining

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