scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


i completely splurged today, and i hardly feel guilty at all for it.

i brought:
+ wasted, marya hornbacher (novel)
+ lolita, vladimir nabokov (novel)
+ prozac nation, elizabeth wurtzel (novel)
+ eli's wings, elizabeth best (novel)
+ mirrorball, sarah mclachlan (cd)
+ solace, sarah mclachlan (cd)
+ stars, the cranberries (cd)
+ raspberry lipbalm from the body shop
+ face skincare & intensive hand therapy & warming gloves from h20+
+ dance australia magazine
+ new earrings to replace the one i lost

... that might have been all, i think. all sorts of my favourite things. i don't know if retail therapy really works but hey, i was happy to give it a go ;)

off to russ's house for the night (again). i think i should move in there and save driving back & forwards. ha! i love staying with him. i always feel so safe to wake up and hear him breathing next to me. i'll go wherever you may go... i can't stand sleeping on my own anymore. it just isn't right.

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