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29 August 2003 @ 12:02 pm
today will be a good day. there are things to be positive about today, and i will just take it, one day at a time. because:

+ i have the most wonderful co-workers, who are caring, warm, humourous, easy to get along with, and just plain make it nice to come to work. for example, yesterday marita decided that i looked stressed, and went out and got me some chocolate cake. <3
+ i'm going for my first business lunch today, with the regional manager who is in town today, and a few of the others from the claims staff[!] ooh, professional! ;)
+ i met up with brooke last night for a short while - just 20 minutes because she was on a break from work, but it was good to actually go out and see a friend for the first time in weeks, and not freak out too much. i had a milkshake and she had some dessert, and we just chatted about what we'd been up to. very low key, it was good. i was so worried about it beforehand, but i apologised to her for the strange way i had been behaving, and she was just fine. i think it was good for me to get out and see someone like her for a bit - and we said we'd catch up again soon, for a longer time. i was just so relieved it went well (odd how i was so worried about it, when previously seeing my friends meant absolutely everything to me)
+ it's friday. and i love weekends. i'm going to stay home tonight for the first time in weeks (as opposed to staying at russell's every night of the weekend), and have a really good sleep in tomorrow morning. because my bed is oh-so-comfy, and i haven't been able to sleep in it past 6:30am for weeks since i'm always at r's. but i AM going to stay home tonight, and i'm looking forward to it, very very much.
+ i put up some penpal advertisements on different communities, and already got over 25 responses. eep. but that is very cool, and you know what i'm going to spend my weekend doing... :)
+ i have skittles!! and skittles rock. hello, sugar high.
+ snugglebug hugs with russell this morning and last night. it always feels so cosy (but it does make it harder to get up and go to work when it's so warm & he looks so cute, all sleepy-eyed and tossled)
+ i am really enjoying my job at the moment. but i also just really, really love fridays and weekends. so today is a good day, and i'll keep telling myself that, over and over, because there are lots of reasons today to smile.

must go and do some more work. take it day by day by day...
emilayo on August 28th, 2003 07:42 pm (UTC)
YAYAYAY I'm glad to see you listed the positives in your life. Doesn't it make you feel better? :) Well I hope it does sweets. I hope you've gotton my letter by now too. It always varys between 1-2 weeks to get there.
a_jane_doea_jane_doe on August 29th, 2003 06:15 pm (UTC)
awesome icon! i collect angels, gotta love winged beings ;)