scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

contact details?

so. we got the new computer, and i'm in the process of redownloading all the programs we use from the internet. it really is amazing; i am impressed by technology. and it's so refreshing to use something so new and fast. le sigh. as if i needed an excuse to spend anymore time on the computer.

i'm going through this stage right now where absolutely everything has to be organised meticulously. so i deleted my aol screen name, created a new one, deleted most of the email addresses out of my address book, and didn't bother to transfer the icq contacts over from the old computer. so you know what comes next.

if you don't mind, please leave me yr contact details? -- email address, aol screen names, icq numbers. &i'll update everything.

oh yes. and new aol screen name: wingedinvisible. it certainly sums up how i feel these days.

[psst: bruised: i received the Pacific Journal from you in the mail at long last. oh my. i'm simply taken away by the beauty in that notebook -- if only i could fall into the pages, maybe then i'd feel as though everything was okay. xxx]
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