scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


and again, to you all...

thankyou. i really fucking love you all so much, and thought of you constantly.
your support has helped me like you wouldn't believe.
(and your entries regarding russell - and blenders!!! - made me smile SO much.
we're going to be okay, in time -- and i thankyou all for making me remember
that there can still be something funny to think of, even in times of anger.)

you can't really thank people adequately for their love & friendship.
not in words, not like this.
so all i can do say i love you, and i appreciate it just so, so much.
(you are all the stars in my night sky)

xxxx xx xxx

(&ps: emails owed to people will be done soon, promise. possibly at work, or during the week, but i'm thinking of you & appreciate all that you have written (you know who you all are - i hope xx)
&another one: moonborn, thankyou for EVERYTHING. xxx)
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