scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

every day is a new beginning

i never used to be a morning person, but i've realised lately that morning is my favourite time of the day. mornings are when everything starts over again, the day is new, and, as a quote that the lovely enchantedmoon put on the gorgeous webpage she made me for my birthday (&which i absentmindedly forgot to mention before) says, "the best thing about a new day is that there are no mistakes in it yet". i always feel more hopeful in the mornings - more inspired to do things, more positive that things are going to get better.

i seem to lose all my positivity at night. maybe there's something about the darkness outside that stirs the darkness that's inside of me; i seem to fear so much more in the night. but i don't wish to dwell on that right now; for it is morning, and i am at work, with plenty to do, and that always relaxes me in the strangest of ways. tonight i'm meeting with russell to go shopping for chicago on dvd[!!!], which is the other part of my birthday present from him (the first parts being a terry pratchett book, and the flowers that were delivered to my desk on monday), and i'm hoping to get lots of hugs as well. if there's one good thing about the night, its the hugs.

each day is a new beginning. &every second is a chance to turn it all around. they were phrases that i sprouted off so easily in the past; now it's time to start believing in them. the morning is here, the day is just beginning, and that means that anything is possible. i came to start expecting the worst, but if it's all about self-fulfilling prophecies, then maybe i should start to expect that maybe, just maybe, things will be okay.

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