scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

anonymous comment

okay. would whoever wrote this in response to my last entry at least own up to it??

i havent been around for a week and THIS is what i come back to?!

like everyone eklse, i started posting a comment to the entry about russells email that started OH MY GOD HOW DARE HE... and then i stopped because i couldnt think of a next line and i realise that i cant think of a next line because the next line should be HOW DARE YOU. you throw everything up in his face, you take him for granted and you expect everything from him. you get so angry everytime he betrays you, even if he has nothing but the best intentions, and then you, with no intentions other than to feed your self pitty, betray HIM but reading his email not once, but TWICE, and then get angry at him for it! that is the most selfish thing i have ever heard of. HOW DARE YOU! he has done nothing to you and i dont blame him for saying what he did, i wouldnt want to be living with you at the moment and it sounds like he isnt coping, but keeps going anyway. you dont deserve him.

and i dont even want to know what was posted in the deleted entry, not to mention the fact that you rang someone and asked them to post that you were going into hospital without giving details simply to worry everyone here who cares about you. why would you do that except to gain attention and have everyone feel sorry for you?

you are the most selfish person i know.

i'm not going to defend myself, everything is true but you know what, i already realise that i'm selfish, i'm horrible to russell, and i've made people worry. and believe me, i don't like myself for it. so whoever wrote this, your pathetically anonymous comment just made me laugh, because you're not telling me anything i don't already know. at least use your name when you write comments like this -- don't hide away or else i only think you're ashamed of what you've said.

and why be ashamed when you believe it's true? why be ashamed when i am agreeing with you and saying that yes, it IS true?


anonymous comments don't bother me, save for the fact that someone that i thought i could trust on my friends list thinks this about me, and won't own up to it. tell me who you are at least?
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