scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

The 1500 mens freestyle final yesterday was kinda disappointing. I mean, i'm glad that an Aussie won, actually, we got gold and silver, even though it wasn't Perkins who got Gold, but I'm glad Hackett one (actually, i can't spell, forgive me!) But you know, it wasn't an *exciting* race. We all stopped work yesterday to watch it. People would call and it was like, "call back in 5 minutes when the race is finished!" heh. That was our manager! But, Hackett was leading right from the beginning. It would have been good to, you know, have had a photo finish or something. Something dramatic. As it was we just stood there and listened to all the kids go "whos winning" and the older women discussing the full bodysuit...But, I'm glad we won :) No complaints there!

I love the Olympics. I'm gonna be sad when they're over! I've been leaping around the house like a little gymnast! Haha.

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