scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

hmm, my livejournal friends of list is dropping down like flies. le sigh. sorry if i offended anyone(?)

i'm going to move to a new lj once my paid account here runs out, because it is really time for a new start. i added all my old journal archives to this (mostly friends-only or private; i just wanted them all in the one place) when i first created @allegria, but now seems the time to move on. you can't ever truly let go of the past - it is always a part of who you are. but i'd like to at least remove it from sight.

it's hard to try and move on when you're surrounded by so many reminders of what you used to be. it's hard to change when your old habits are there in black & white. somedays i'd just like to recreate myself altogether - but we all know how that never works.


tomorrow = an easy day at work. liz is away, and she provides me with most of my work; and as i left this afternoon mostly caught up bar a few things she added to my intrays after 4pm, i doubt tomorrow will be too harrowing. it's always nice to have a straight forward day; then again, perhaps i won't speak too soon. you never know what could be lurking under your desk.

and in other news, the awesome girl otherwise known as sarah (or sparkleoflife) gave me HAIR GLITTER on saturday night :D it's so cool, and oh love, if i could get away with wearing it to my corporate office in my corporate suit, you damn well know i would be sparkling every day. that girl rocks and i hope she knows it :D
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