scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

i love you guys

oh you lovelies are all just too, too wonderful. i don't say it enough, but your words of encouragement, friendship, support & everything else are like honey to my soul, you soothe me ever so much.

i don't know what i'd do without some of you. i think you are all just too too good for me, &i don't know what i ever did to deserve to know such beautiful, wonderful people.

if i could paint the sky with the colour of my love
it would be a rainbow of the brightest kind

i'm sorry for not being a better friend to most of you lately, i'm sorry for not being there when people needed to talk or not appreciating you enough.
you are all just too kind to me, and it makes me want to cry & then hug every single one of you.
i would, if i could. perhaps one day.
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