scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

part of that world...

i went to the auditions
and met up with my friend stewart (whom i auditioned with last time)
&his friends jules & matt joined us too
and matt had us laughing the whole time
(for his song, he sang Vogue - in spanish!
well, bad spanish anyway)

i ended up singing Part of that World from the Little Mermaid
(because i am a dork and that was all i could think of to sing!)
and i sucked (!!)
well maybe not sucked
but i was nervous and my voice came out all shaky
like it does everytime i get nervous.
also i started in the wrong key
and had to try and bring it back down to where it's meant to be
and still sound natural.

but thats okay, you know? because stewart & jules got through to the next round
(even though the judge told jules "you don't have the greatest singing voice"??
oh but she also said, "you're a gorgeous girl" and i suppose that makes all the difference)
and it was just for fun, and just to prove to myself
that i could do it.
and i guess i can be sort of proud of myself for doing it again?
it's been over a year now since i've done any performing arts type things
even though in 2002 that was my whole life.
so at least i didn't chicken out, and i went through with it after all
and i think that's all that matters really.

... so when do auditions for the next Australian Idol begin? ;)

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