scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

oh i don't want to sleep

oh today was nowhere near long enough. sigh. i try not to suffer from mondayitis
but the weekends really do feel too far apart.

i need to go to bed and get much needed sleep
but i'm watching wild things, i haven't seen it before
and i want to keep watching; i never seem to be able to watch
dvds anymore, i hate just sitting around staring at the tv.

i think i got everything done on my to-do list, that doesn't happen very often, so i suppose it was a productive afternoon?

what i want to do: keep writing my letter to alex_faerie, read some more flb (echo, it has been my solace at times this weekend), download more mp3s (oh i guess i'm already doing that?), watch the end of this movie.

what i have to do: get at least 8 hours sleep for tomorrow to survive switchboard (this means going to bed about now, really)

so, goodnight lovelies (tell me how you are, tell me what you dream of at night?)

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