scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

when the war is over ?

2 things resounded in my mind this morning when liz informed me of the capture of saddam hussein: "yay" and "george bush will be thrilled because now it looks like his war was justified." the capture of this evil leader who has tormented and tortured and ruled his country through fear is good news, yes; but i remain cynical. how do we know another dictator just as evil won't be put in his place, that this is really the end of the terror rulings? how do we know that this will ultimately improve the quality of life for the iraqi civillians? furthermore, is this going to push george bush's popularity up again? does this justify his war, and is this the "coop" he needed to be re-elected? they might not have found those weapons of mass destruction, but are people at the voting polls going to care when saddam has been captured? as a non-american, i don't particularly care who is ruling the usa, save for the fact that our prime minister loves george bush and his sucking up is sickening, to say the least. it makes me sort of disgusted to say that he is our country's leader. if someone else is elected president of the united states, then perhaps our prime minister (if he still is after the next election here) will stop brownosing so much. it wouldn't be so bad if he (john howard) had our country's best interests at heart, but it certainly doesn't seem like it. that's a rant for another time though. so i am glad for saddam's capture, but hesitant to suggest that going to war with iraq was the right thing to do after all, or that i'm glad australia is part of this so-called coalition, or that george bush has done the right thing, because saddam's capture will not be the be all and end all of iraqi misery. i am very cynical of what bush & howard & blair tell their countries, and very cynical of their intentions. i hope all of this will come to a peaceful end, and that everything will be resolved just as they should. but i always did wear rose-coloured glasses.
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