scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

jingle bells <3

oh merry christmas darlings !

i hope you all have [or had !] a wonderful day. isn't it strange how christmas seems to take
forever to get here, but once it's december 25, the day just goes by in a flash?
perhaps that's what makes it seem to magical & special though ?

blink, and you'll miss it.

the best way to spend christmas is by looking at it through a child's eyes.
i love my baby cousin cory, well perhaps not so much a baby, he's 3 years old
and so adorable. i hadn't seen him since feburary, he chats away so much more now
i just love him to death <3 watching a child's face light up as he tells you about
what santa brought him is really the most amazing thing.
it was my favourite part of christmas today.

and oh ! what did santa bring me? so many things <3 :
+ a car cover to protect my car when it's parked outside
+ michael moore: the awful truth (season 1) dvd
+ young talent time collection dvd (this was my most favourite show EVER as a child)
+ lonely planet calendar and diary 2004
+ a faery necklace & other faery-type things (crystals, a decal etc)
+ fun novelty things from family friends

and from my lovely best friends, some travel books & travel journal & travel stationery kit from kristy, and from sparkleoflife, a hello kitty with wings and crystal unicorn deodoriser for my car. and R and i will exchange our presents over the weekend; he wanted me to open mine when i was at his place on christmas eve, but it didn't seem right when i didn't have his with me to give him. oh and i got presents from people at work too, i felt so spoiled. kris kringle and chocolates and gargoyle ornaments from lovelies <3 and christmas earrings and bells from R's mum !!

eep, so many things, i do feel so lucky.
plus we ate delicious food and just had a quiet family day.

now i'm trying to download queen adreena music because lovelette told me ages ago to listen to them, although it would be nice if kazaa could stay connected for more than 90 seconds at a time. perhaps i'll watch one of my dvds tonight too?

tomorrow dad & i are going to see return of the king, i brought our tickets last week to make sure
we would get a seat on it's opening day. i think we're going to get to the cinemas early too, to get a good seat or else we'll end up sitting right at the front for 210 minutes staring up, and that would suck somewhat(!)
but i'm so excited to get to see it.

well goodnight loves, i'll wish upon stars tonight for a happy day for all.

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