scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

ooh i got spoiled with icons today ! this one is from lovelette, my peter pan girl <3
and _flutter made me another, she is a sweetheart! (promises to use that one next post)
thankyou loves, i was just thinking i needed some new icons. everyone has such beautiful ones.

i nearly brought my digital camera today (nikon coolpix 4300) but the store that could give me the best deal sold out in between me calling them and actually getting to their store in the city. they say they'll be getting more in this week; they'll put one aside and call me when they're in. it's better than missing out altogether, but an almost wasted trip into the city for that. i say almost though, because a trip to Borders (my heaven !) allowed me to find copies of the much wanted francesca lia block books, nymph and guarding the moon (oh !) i didn't think i would ever find them there. i own all her books now, except for ecstasia and primavera, but they are on order @ amazon when they're released. bliss, glorious bliss.

my dad & i saw return of the king on friday (opening day here in australia); it's a tradition of ours to see those movies after christmas every year. i loved it but...? i think reading the book in between the 2nd and 3rd movies changed the way i watched it, that's the only thing i can think of. but still wonderful indeed.

i still want to see peter pan again though. the most enchanting movie i've ever seen.

this week = new years (oh i'm ready for 2004, can we erase the past year and start afresh ?), R's birthday (&perhaps a special date one night to celebrate the end of the 21st year), the joint birthday party he & his twin are having next weekend. oh and really getting my camera this time too. i wish i didn't have to work; it's been nice having days off, but then again, i could still be standing behind a register processing refunds and sale items on the busiest day of the year, and that makes me extremely grateful for where i'm working this year. hooray for (hopefully !) no more retail ever.
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