scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

I'm flying!

I spent the day with Jeremy today - he took me out flying!

He's had his pilot's licence for longer than he's had his driver's licence, so I wasn't at all scared about going flying. It's funny... but flying has never scared me. When I mentioned to some people that I was going flying, they were like, "in a small aeroplane? I'd NEVER do that! How dangerous!" But danger isn't an issue for me... I only felt excitement about going! The only thing I was worried about, was getting sick!

So this morning, we drove out to the Goowla airstrip. After a couple of hours of getting the plane ready - doing safety checks, cleaning it, and so on, we were ready for lift off!

The plane is a sailplane, meaning it's a glider - it has no engine. It stays up in the air by the force of gravity and air pressure. Jeremy says they're safer than the larger planes, because there's no worry about the engine failing, or any of that stuff... I don't know if that's entirely true, but I wasn't too worried. We got lift off into the air by help of another plane - a larger plane tows us behind him along the runway, and soon enough, the glider lifts up into the air. When we're in the air, you need to find certain pockets of air - called "thermals" - that help to keep the plane in the air and get it higher.

After about 10 minutes in the air, the glider wasn't getting enough height. We had to land again. So that was a bit disappointing. So we waited for an hour, and then tried again.

This time was much more successful. We were up in the air for an hour, and would have been out for longer, except about 40 minutes into the flight, I had to ask Jeremy if we could start turing back. I was feeling sick! It was terrible - I WASN'T sick, but my head was pounding, and I just couldn't enjoy it too much after a long time. I was so annoyed with myself, but Jeremy was a good sport. We got 9800 feet above ground, and 30km North of the airfield - which was pretty neat. We ended up getting back to the airfield at about 3:30pm.

Being that high above the ground is amazing. You're up so high, the houses look so small, the world looks so BIG. There's so much open space out there... it's just miles of dry, deserted land. It really puts things in perspective though. You think your life is ending, that the world is falling apart... and then when you're that high up in the air, overlooking what seems to be the entire world... everything just looks so small, and you realise that outside your own little world - your own life - there's so much more.

It's really neat. It really opens your eyes, and makes you think... and all of a sudden, your own problems don't seem so large after all.


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