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07 January 2004 @ 02:01 pm
i can't get motivated to do any work.

it's odd how the less work you have to do, the less you actually get done. it's like i never want to actually catch up after all; but i think it's been one of those days for everyone here. no-one else looks particularly enthralled; meanwhile my highlight of the day has been discovering glitter from xmas eve still all over random objects. gold dust swept across an a4 envelope, shimmering from in between the letters on wendy's keyboard. who says i never leave my mark?

there are christmas photos up on the board from our lunch on christmas eve. i'm in them with my red elf suit; well it was fun while it lasted. christmas seems so long ago now. noel and i were talking about public holidays in 2005, but i suppose that's getting ahead of ourselves just a little too far.

a bunch of us started talking government/money/society in the lunchroom this afternoon; it was a riveting conversation, but it leaves one feeling a little more cynical about the state of our world. we talk about wanting to make a difference, but the inevitable question of "how?" lingers on everyone's lips. there must be ways, it's just a matter of finding them and letting our small voices be heard. letting our small voices be joined by others. it gives me much to think about. there's so much wrong in this world that it's hard not to just want to give up and stop fighting because where do you even start; but there's also so much beauty and hope to be found that it's a reminder of why we don't give up. things can be done, a difference can be made; i know it can. silly idealist that i am, but it's better than just accepting the injustices as they are.

i have a feeling i'll be talking much of this over coming months. perhaps i'll make a filter or something though; i know it's not what everyone wants to read on a regular basis.

i caught marita throwing christmas cards into the bin at hometime yesterday. "those can be recycled !" i cried, snatching them from her. it prompted an email to go out to the office this morning announcing that any unwanted cards were not to be discared in the waste, but to be given to me to take to recycling [via Planet Ark] instead. it's only a small thing, but everything helps, right? i think i've been complacent long enough; i have so much to learn this year.
d-elicatehandsdown on January 6th, 2004 07:50 pm (UTC)
Hehe I do that too at work, when people are emptying the wastebins, I grab all the plastic/tin/cardboard/aluminium out and put it in our recycling bins, my workmates roll their eyes, but it's such a small thing to do, and it makes just that little difference.

    scarlet's walkkisstheviolets on January 7th, 2004 02:22 am (UTC)
i agree :D
lilacdeaddolllilacdeaddoll on January 7th, 2004 01:16 pm (UTC)
from the crazy girl who wants a letter from you...
Sometimes it comes like this, i feel very enthusiast with a soul, i feel she may become a good friend, somebody i talk to
i am like u in the way i chose solitude and quiet time by myself
is it selfish?
i dont know, sometimes i feeli have nothing to give for i feel so depressed and completely torn about humanity and this world and everything
allegria seems to be a cheerful nickname? are u happy people? i mean u love ur existence and do u feel complete?
well i dont have much to add for now, i hope u ll answer my mail at yahoo
i ve just begun a live journal but it s not fascinating for the beginning, i feel so tired
hope some fairies will help me this year
what do u think about 2004? will it be a great year? are u ready for all new things that can happens
i feel scared sometimes
so many bad things happened everyday
what will be even more cruel this year?
i am sorry to be cynical but i can do nothing but laugh when people say they wish peace in the world for 2004
i prefer laughing or else i would die crying
this world will never find peace in this great below
i dont think so.. what do u think?
have i lost hopes?faith?
    scarlet's walkkisstheviolets on January 7th, 2004 02:20 pm (UTC)
Re: from the crazy girl who wants a letter from you...
email me?
herwanderlust @ hotmail.com
i'd love to write you.