scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

simple wishes

i don't want to be sleepy, but i am.

i fell asleep at 6pm last night, listening to the lion king broadway musical cast recording <3 it's one of my most favourite ever soundtracks; it uplifts me like you wouldn't believe. but it's restless sleep these days, and i bounce from sugar high to sugar high until eventually i crash down. it's okay though. it's okay, as long as i don't think too much.

i got spoiled this week; beautiful cards from fabuleuxamelie and moonborn (who also sent me a cd, bless), long letters from some of you, a most gorgeous sparkly felicity wishes book of friendship from sparkleoflife, and of course, this page that lovelette made (&you loves, who left extra comments afterwards -- you are too wonderful <3) why am i so loved? you lovelies make me feel so special (thankyousomuch)

weekends disappear too quickly. i spent time with kristy making travel plans (england, although at different times), sat in my car with R & talked things over (still on a break but it'll be okay perhaps?), went to a billy baxters cafe & sat writing & drinking hot chocolate. i don't know why i get so sad sometimes. i want today to be another lovely day, because sometimes it's as simple as knowing what you want, and then doing what you can to make it happen. my weekends are best spent in simplicity, and i know people probably think i'm boring, but i have to keep reminding myself i need to do what makes me happy, not other people.

today: letters to new penpals, covering things in glitter, listening to more of the lion king, watching the hoursdvd i rented last night when white oleander wasn't available. install nikon programs onto computer for transferring photos, clear memory card, consider external study options, maybe buy a new international calling card if i decide to leave the house today. there are books in my bookshelf begging to be read, and scrapbooks asking to be filled; if i could wake up a little more, it just might be a good day.

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