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Quick update

Blogger is being a pain in the ass, and not letting me update, or showing any of my posts. argh. Nevermind.

So I started back at uni yesterday, and what can I say, but it's pretty good so far. I was worried about doing Adult Development - I was saying a few weeks ago how I really didn't want to do that subject, but was forced to because the other psychology subject I wanted to do clashed with my directing one. I thought Adult Development would be kinda boring and... well, just going through the lifespan, same as Developmental Psych. last year. That stuff is interesting enough, but it's not really challenging.

So I was pleasantly surprised when the lecturer launched into a statement regarding CHOICE - and how that was one of the foundations of the subejct. How everyone has a CHOICE in the way they live their lives... and the way they respond to things. "Situations aren't what they are... they are what people make of them."

I love that train of thought. It's like that email forward that I'm sure everyone has received half a dozen times over - about the guy who chooses to live his life positively, and view things positively. I wish I could be more like that, but I really do believe that's true - it's not so much what HAPPENS to you, but the way you respond to them. Sure, being in a wheelchair - that might not be "fair". But if you respond to it positively - accept the challenge and realise that if you put your mind to it, ANYTHING is possible to do still - then life WILL be better for you.

So I think Adult Development is going to be quite okay. Another good thing about it is that there's not a lot of work - assignments etc - to do; mostly reading, but there's not even a lot of that. Heh.

My other class yesterday was Multimedia... what can I say? I'm practically the only girl in my class... which makes things interesting. i was late to the class, and as I walked in, all these heads swivelled to look in my direction. As I sat down, I took a glance around the room... and realised that bar one other female, all the other people in the room were male. Except the tutor. Kinda reminds me of my year 12 maths class, in which I was the only female in that too.

The ironic thing about that is the campus of uni I'm at, is like, 88% FEMALE - but here I am, in a class of mostly males. I think that's kinda neat ;) But aside from that, I think multimedia will be fine. We're using a program called "director", that I'd never heard of before, to make some sort of little "movie", but the text book I had to buy explains how to use it, in great detail. I don't think it will be too hard.

I have today off, but I have to go to work this afternoon, so it's not really a day off. Tomorrow morning I have my last subject: "Directing in the Performing Arts" - the class I most want to do this semester.

So all in all, I think this semester will be okay..... as long as I can stop playing "The Sims"* long enough to actually study!

*[[i wrote a blog entry regarding my "The Sims" purchase. if it doesn't show up within the next... 36 hours, i'll rewrite it]]


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