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What I have to do this afternoon consists of finally doing my Psych. homework that I've been putting off for weeks and doing my Lifeline assignment for the week. What I really want to do is just spend some time at the computer working on another new design and some other things. I also want to write some letters. I can't believe how unmotivated I feel to do the things that need to be done. I guess that's what happens on the last day of a long weekend.

We didn't end up going to see "A Beautiful Mind" last night like we were planning to. For the last 3 weeks we've been trying to all get together - thats me, Marianne, Gayle & Sheryn - to see this movie, but every time, one of us can't make it. So Marianne, Sheryn & I ended up seeing "Sorority Boys" which, after a slow beginning, was a lot better than I would have originally given credit for. It was funny, if nothing else.

Tonight, we're playing an early game of netball at 6:15pm, and, since I don't have ballet (being Easter Monday and all), I'll be playing too. Eeeeh. The sweet irony of not being an athlete, and yet working in one of the biggest sports stores int the state. But afterwards, we're all going out for tea, so that is something to enjoy at any rate. And hey, I did actually get through the last game I played alright. Maybe tonight will be okay too. Just because I'm not an athlete doesn't mean I can't have fun playing, and after all, that's what this is meant to be about.

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