scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

some questions ?

i have been spending the last couple of days cutting out 1000 flyers by hand.
i think next time it may be wise to find a guillotine. and i thought that sneaking the pages onto the colour photocopier at work was going to be the hard part.


in other news. actually, more like a question. what are some other online journal sites, like livejournal and xanga and ujournal that people here use or know of? particularly ones like livejournal. with communities. i know there have been a whole lot of them springing up all over the place, but enlighten me as to where/what they are? thanks loves :)

i'll start posting non-distro related entries here soon. promise.

also, flyers should be mailed out in tomorrow's mail *fingers crossed* you guys know who you are (you legends!!)

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