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Bush = intolerance

uninspired at work again. ho hum. much work to do, none of which is very exciting right now.

in other news. i was in my car this morning when the 8am news came on and there was this bit about how George W. Bush was "absolutely disgusted" by the homosexual marriages that occured in San Francisco over the weekend, and how he was going to draw up some new constitution or something, outlawing gay marriage. i'm sure this is probably old news; i haven't been keeping up too well this week. but it made me "absolutely disgusted" to hear of the blatent narrow-mindedness of the so-called world's superpower's president. what the fuck, are we back in the 1900's again? i've heard a lot of things that have been said, or supposedly said by this guy, that have astounded, shocked, angered me; but this one just plain pisses me off. because what does outlawing a certain group of people, a certain sector of the community, to marry the one they love prove? what does it benefit? what good can possibly come out of such a narrow-minded, intolerant action as this? and it angers me so much because it seems that the president is using his own personal views and opinions to make up rules to govern his entire country by. as if it wasn't bad enough to create a war to settle his own personal agenda with hussein ("he tried to kill my daddy!"); whats he going to do next - make it illegal to follow any other religion than christianity (or whatever his personal choice happens to be) in that country?

it makes me sick. it makes me sick that not only is he so "disgusted" by these marriages, but he is going to actively seek ways to ban this - he is going to spend time, money, energy & everything else, to make sure that 2 women who love each other, or 2 men, can not marry. i don't live in the usa. but those who do, tell me. hows your unemployment rate at the moment? hows your health insurance? your education systems? your welfare systems for disadvantaged families? doesn't seem like your president gives a shit. i'm probably jumping to conclusions here (as i'm so apt to do); but it seems to me that your president is much more interested in setting up roadblocks that meet his own agendas (homophobia being one of them), rather than helping his country - you know, the job he was elected to perform. funny the things that wind up top of the priority list when you're the president. you know, spending billions of dollars on "son of star wars" defence programs and outlawing homosexuals to marry - yeah, thats definitely way more important than making sure every child gets the education they need, or that every person gets the health care they have the right to. silly me, i forgot. good thing i'm not a president.

not everyone agrees if homosexuality is right or wrong, and that's not the issue here. the issue is that Bush is promoting the notion of INTOLERANCE: "if you're not like me & all the majorities, then i'm going to outlaw all the rights you think you're entitled to!" and my question is... WHY? outlawing homosexual marriages doesn't have any functional purpose other than to exercise the president's lack of tolerance for something he personally does not agree with. it should have nothing to do with that. people who use the argument that "marriage should be about reproduction/reproducing" need to look around and see all the heterosexual marriages who are childless by choice and ask themselves if they believe that those sort of marriages should be outlawed too. because really, that's the only thing i can come with as a possibly argument backing up Bush's proposed "constitution". and even that is bullshit. as if the world wasn't over-populated as it is anyway - but that's an issue for another time (and probably for another person to talk about).

hey Bush. why don't you create a law saying that blacks can't marry, or Asians, or people with red hair? because that is as ridiculous as outlawing 2 women or 2 men to marry. what happened to marriage being about love? what happened to the values of acceptance, tolerance - the thing we're taught in first grade?
i'm sure the divorce rate would be a hell of a lot lower for gay marriages than straight ones as well.

so i just don't get it. am i missing something here, am i being too naive and simple about the matter?

oh, and the other thing that gets me is that if this constitution really does go ahead, no doubt australia's very own leader, our prime minister john howard (who makes me want to throw something at the tv everytime i see him on it), will be right behind bush, and trying to impose something similar here.

the whole thing makes me SO ANGRY. why are our governments so fucked up???

and on that note, i'm getting back to work. ho hum.
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