scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

the written word

all my stuff for my writing course with The Writing School arrived today!!!
in a huge box, packed full of books on writing (guides, how-to's, editing tips, even a thesauras, which had been on my shopping list for a number of weeks now), writing school guides (for writing to sell your work, writing novels, writing children's books etc), manuals on things like research, the law & your rights, getting published... a folder containing my first 2 assignments, introductions to the school and the course, envelopes & school records to send back with my completed assignments as i do them... and so on. oh, it was better than christmas, i couldn't stop smiling as i leafed through everything, read through parts of my books, looked over the assignments & the course introduction. this course just looks oh so perfect, i completely made the right decision in choosing this one to do. i am so happy knowing that i have this wonderful writing course to do, that there is something i enjoy that i can focus on, even when i'm not enjoying my job so much. the focus with this course is on being published, being paid for the writing you do. there is so much potential here, and i can not wait to embrace it all.
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