scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

it's a lush day !

miss moonborn has a lot to answer for: just when i was beginning to think that i had this savings thing under control, she comes along saying how wonderful lush products are - and now i can see all good intentions of saving hard fly out the window.

well at least i'll smell nice. and be all glittery and such. :D

i love the end of daylight savings. that extra hour seems to make all the difference; and i woke up early this morning, instead of halfway through the afternoon like yesterday. hooray, that's just how i like it. why sleep when there are so many things to do & see & write about & people to talk to & plans to make &... today will be a lazy yet productive day (perhaps?)

oh, there are just way too many gorgeous products here.
my willpower has completely disappeared!! but i suppose it's good timing at least - we get paid our bonus in thursday's pay, so i suppose i can semi-justify my product-lust... !

i am a hypocrite who says she hates the capitalist system, but is materialistic & loves shopping. oh dear.

(&here's to a beautiful day to you all)


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