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31 March 2004 @ 04:47 pm
well today sucked. but it's nearly over, and i did get all my end-of-month work finished... even if it involved wanting to throw the switchboard out the window a few (hundred) times, and a slight frenzy when i had to hold back from throwing all my paperwork everywhere, just because i couldn't handle one more person asking something of me today. but nevermind, the day always looks betters as it approaches 5 o'clock. even if the phone won't stop ringing.

tomorrow, however -- if i'm still on switchboard, that's going to be a whole other story. goddamnit.

we get our bonuses in our pay tomorrow, but they were all right when they said to watch out for the tax deduction -- very close to half of my total pay has been taken out in tax. i refuse to read the newspapers; every day is a new story about what our politicians are spending our money on (usually so with with military, agreements with the united states, and private enterprise) -- i was worried that if i read that today, i would probably explode. fuck the governments. i'm in a real fuck you mood today, and i'm sick of bullshit. don't worry, i know that it's not anything knew and that everyone is in the same situation. still, when you've already had a shitty day, reading the newspaper (especially adelaide's daily paper is more tabloid & sports than anything actually worthy) only brings you down further. because i like knowing that half of what i'm earning is going towards funding some stupid military "anti-terrorism" (which really reads: "anti-anything-that's-not-white") program. fucking howard government.

enough with the swearing. sorry.

not all is bad. must remember not to dwell on the crappiness, but on the nicer moments. there are people here who make me smile, and inside jokes that make me laugh. tomorrow i am going to order some lush products, although i must practise self-restraint to not buy every single product (well, don't have budget for that anyway, so not too much of a risk really). end of the month is always more stressful at work; tomorrow is a whole new month and surely it will be a better day?

am going to watch the melbourne comedy festival show that we taped on sunday night when i get home; some humour will do me much good.
ellenellebel on March 31st, 2004 10:34 am (UTC)
hey jade!!! ellen here;) I finally have got regular internet access at work so I hope to be here more often. I wanted to let you know that i FINALLY wrote a letter, but havent been able to mail it yet because of the mailstrike!!! Shit! but hopefully that will all be over soon and I hope once you get it we will be able to write on a more regular basis than we have done so far.heehee (i know its mainly my fault)argh
krystallos on March 31st, 2004 04:47 pm (UTC)
i wish lush was in socal!! i will have to go there when i finally go to san francisco!

(btw, i've changed to this username. could you delete crystalina from your friends and add this one? thankyou!)