scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

cheer up sleepy jean

oh my. i am so tired i feel very sick. my own fault for refusing to stay in bed any longer, despite [obviously] needing more sleep. but it's a beautiful autumn sunday. who wants to spend it sleeping?

apart from that, i'm fine. but in list form because my brain doesn't want to comprehend complete sentences:

x. spent all day shopping yesterday -- much fun indeed. i'd forgotten how quickly a whole day goes when you're out shopping; spent some money but actually not as much as i thought throughout the day i would, so, hooray? sigh, i am such a girl when it comes to shopping & stuff. there is a lot to be said for retail therapy...!
x. however, whatever money i didn't spend yesterday, has been spent online -- eep. i'm not very good at saving at the moment :( i just ordered some kurt halsey buttons, and am finally going to order some products from lush. have also been browsing button brat and mushy cat for more 1" buttons -- one of my purchases yesterday was a gorgeous messenger bag in just the style i was looking for, but it needs further customising! le sigh.
x. have received some payments from ebay winners, so i suppose that makes online buying not quite as bad?
x. last night was sparkleoflife's birthday dinner + town afterwards. fun times (hope you had a lovely night miss sarah!) ♥
x. we went to the casino (where i lost $3 - oh i could never be a gambler-addict, i hate to lose money on nothing !) and i took photos which i might upload later. and had dinner and hot drinks and beer at other places.
x. am hoping to see R later on tonight - if i can stay awake that is. looking doubtful at this stage.
x. my car is not a total write-off, but it might be some weeks before i get it back, considering it's easter and public holidays and the biggest time of the year for car crashes (i think -- well one of anyway). sigh. poor ernie. but the bump is gone from my head, my knee is fine, and my neck isn't hurting anymore either. it is an inconvenience not to have a car, but there are always ways to get around.

okay. time to wash hair and try to wake up :P

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