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Ballet and singing classes

Today has been somewhat productive, in that I finally made some phone calls regarding ballet classes and singing lessons.

I've been thinking for awhile about taking ballet classes again - I don't know why, but just in the last year, I've bcome more and more interested in classical ballet. I did about 3 years of it when I was younger, and while I didn't hate it, it wasn't my most favourite form of dance either. But more recently, I've begun to appreciate it more and more. I think maybe it's because I don't feel like I'm being forced to do ballet - when I was younger, it seemed that everyone I knew was doing classical ballet. I wanted to be different - and that's why I did tap dancing for 8 years.

I need to do something that resembles exercise. Not because I need to lose weight - at 36kg, if I said I needed to lose weight I'd have an instant ticket to the anorexic ward at the local hospital. I'm lucky - I can live on McDonalds and KFC, and not gain any weight at all. In fact, the moment I start to get a little stressed, the weight just FALLS off. But while I'm certainly not complaining about my metabolism, it means I'm not a very healthy person. I never work out, and I'm definitely not sporty. That's why everyone laughs when they find out I work at [one of] the biggest sports store in Australia.

But I love dancing. I've done ballet, tap, jazz ballet, contemporary, modern, and Irish, since I was 7. Now I want to get back into classical ballet - and if possible, do the exams too. I don't really know why. Partly because I need to do some sort of fitness regime, but also... well, I love dancing. But to get anywhere IN dancing, at the least, you need a ballet background. No matter what other forms of dancing you've done, if you haven't done exams in ballet up to Elementary level or thereabouts, then Dance schools won't give you a second look. So maybe I just want to solidify my dancing background... if that makes any sense at all.

I rang several schools this afternoon, asking about adult ballet classes, how much they were, and when they were. Most schools that were around my area where I live I could cross off my list - the classes were on Saturdays, which are absolutely no good, since I have to work on Saturdays.

But one school sounds good... the Tenison College of Dance. I had a friend who went there actually, years and years ago, and they seemed quite professional. They have adult ballet classes on Mondays and Thursday nights... I think you just choose one class a week to go. You know what? Not only are they really, really inexpensive, but Monday and Thursday nights fit in PERFECTLY with my schedule at the moment. I have rehearsals for the Operetta on Wednesday and soon, Friday nights. I also won't be working on Mondays or Thursdays because of uni... which is good, because if I DID, then I wouldn't be able to go to either class! Umm, is any of this making sense?!?!!? It sounds confusing to me, and I KNOW what I'm talking about!!!!!

But I'm going to see if I can go to BOTH classes each week. Of course, that means I'm going to be doubly busy when uni starts again.... and I don't know how things are going to go, but oh, i really, really want to take these dance lessons. I keep telling myself that I don't need to, that I'm already doing enough as it is... but I WANT to take the lessons. No-one is making me, I'm not being forced to take on extra activities. This is just wanting to take the lessons, and wanting to learn ballet again.

I told the woman I spoke to on the phone I'd let her know if I was interested in the classes. I hope I'll be allowed to start in a couple of weeks time though - at the moment I'm working a lot, so I won't be able to start regular classes until uni starts again. I hope she won't mind.

The next thing to do was find somewhere new to take singing lessons. The place I was at - Mighty Good Talent School - was good, but EXPENsive, and also... they were in the city, which is a good 1/2 hour away from me. It's a long way to go, for a half hour lesson. It was $24 for a 1/2 hour lesson... which I could do much better with. As you can probably tell, I've been on the phone for most of the afternoon! But I think I've found somewhere to go. It's a place about 20 minutes from me, and it's $30 an hour. Which is still pretty expensive, but I think I'm going to try a few weeks with this woman, and see how it goes. She specialises in musical theatre which is my dream singing profession. So... that could be rather neat.

Maybe I'll try and co-ordinate my schedule so that I have singing lessons and ballet lessons on the same night, on my way home from Uni or something. That could work.

Eh. I'm going to have to be VERY organised this semester!


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