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sorry for not many comments today; my wrists are positively aching after spending much time typing article ideas & zine features & the like until late into the night. i'm hesitant to type too much now, for sore wrists before a week at work at the computer is never a good start. i need a better wrist mat for my keyboard and mouse, i believe.

this weekend, all 4 days of it, went much too quickly; it was creativity and friends and being an arty-freak and it was all good. i'm listening to classical polyphonic ringtones for my new phone and oh, i adore classical music. so pretty, it makes me want to float away in pointe shoes and a tutu. i have my favourite, waltz of the flowers already preloaded on my phone, but it comes with the ever irritating vibrating feature; i'm trying to find a non-vibrating version but with little success. it's an excuse to download beautiful tunes though, so who can complain?

i wish things could always stay this simple and wonderful.

even my mother calls me a stargirl these days; she encourages me to avoid reality and surround myself with positivity, and even though i know avoidance is not the answer, sometimes escapism is the only way to cope with things. we watched mona lisa smile today; it wasn't the greatest movie ever, but it was okay. and i watched pirates of the caribbean at long last and adored johnny depp.

oh ! and i just found a phantom of the opera ringtone. *happy happy* save for later, perhaps?
in fact there's this whole page for theatre and musical theme tones; now to figure out how to get them for free. or something.
oh i love imaginary worlds. can you tell ?!

it's raining and the sound is comforting. i adore falling asleep to rain; i can dream of pirate ships tonight, and stormy seas, and perhaps of learning to fly, even without wings. it's my greatest wish, you know.
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